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McKay/Lorne fic seems to be growing in popularity so I've made a community with the two of them in mind. We're open to anything here, as long as it features Lorne and McKay. Slash is obviously welcome, as well as gen/friendship, and anything that explores any sort of relationship between the two men. Info, pics, etc. involving either the characters, the actors, or the actors in other roles are more than welcome.

** Spoiler notes - Season three is hereby considered spoiler territory! Anything containing spoilers for these seasons should be both noted and behind a cut **

- LJ cuts are your friend! Please make use of them for long and/or spoilery posts.

- Fan fic (Slash and Gen - See below)
- Fan fic recs (anything where both characters are well represented, can be other pairings. RPS recs are allowed, provided the story in question is public ally available)
- Wallpapers, icons, manips, drawings, etc. of a McKay/Lorney nature.
- Pic spams of McKay, Lorne, the actors or other roles (behind a cut please, some of us still have dial-up)
- Info about David Hewlett, Kavan Smith or any characters they play.
- Vid recs (Mainly for songvids, preferably featuring both but if it's central to one character we won't squabble too much as long as it's not too blatantly othershippy)
- Episode reviews (Especially highlighting the McKay/Lorness)
- Actor reviews (of their work outside SGA)
- Challenges, plot bunnies, speculation.
- Heads up and news about either actors, especially as relates to SGA.
- Meta/Discussion of any or all of the above and anything else you can think of relating to these two fine gents.

Not Allowed
- Bashing of anything, including other parings
- Excessive debate as to Lorne's first name
- General nastyness to or about *anyone* be it Kavan, David or any other human being. (And for the sake of debate, Michael Jackson is human)

Basically just be nice and join in the McKay/Lorney goodness.

Fan Fiction
- More than welcome be it gen, slash, threesomes, anything else that pairs the two of these men up in some fashion.
- Please, please, please for the love of [insert deity], use LJ cuts or links. (This goes for drabbles, too)
- In the subject, put the title, rating, author, and 'part' of a fic (1/1 if it's a one-off)
- Use the following header above the cut (bold sections are *required* the rest is just helpful.


E-mail / contact:
Pairing: Required if not (for some reason) Lorne/McKay
Word Count:
Permissions for archiving:
Spoilers: Required if your fic contains major spoilers for Season 3.
Warnings: REQUIRED if there's anything you feel people should have a heads up on.


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